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The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop© reviews 109 best practice topics to grow a 401(k) business via 36 video segments, supported by 30 E-Tools all catalogued within a 7 Step Process.

EToolbox30 E-Tools created to help you along your sales journey from initial contact to ongoing service. E-tools are available in the E-Tool Box at bottom left of every page.

EToolboxThe Profiling Menu provides a sampling of openers, profiling questions, voice mail messages and statements to overcome objections so you can process your plan sponsor prospects and build your 401(k) business.

EToolboxThe BPlan Workbook reviews information to better prepare you to accomplish your goals serving 401(k) plans.

ContactThe Production Analysis Manager PAM is the most sophisticated calculator in financial services that projects your net compensation building and managing a group retirement plan business.

ContactIf you have a question or face a situation where you need advice, simply click the Contact Your Coach button to connect with your sponsor and Chris Barlow. We look forward to assisting you with your 401(k) sales journey.

As you experience the 401(k) marketplace, come back into the program to the appropriate material for perspective. The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop will assist you to optimize your 401(k) business.